Digital Direct Phone Services

General Info

Tuscany Cable is a self-hosted and self-maintained communications solution that delivers high quality digital voice services coupled with powerful features.
With our virtual office hosted services, there are no on-site hardware requirements, which means your business benefits from minimal start-up costs, reduced total cost of ownership, flexible service plans and complete scalability.


Tuscany Cable's Digital-Direct Telephone Service connects your phone to our nationwide telephone system via our quality High-Speed Internet connection.

One of the main benefits of Tuscany's Digital-Direct is that because you are paying for transmitted data only as used, the cost reduction is staggering.


Some of the many features included with Tuscany Cable Services' Digital-Direct
Telephone service are:

Call Blast - Have your calls ring on your Office, Mobile, and Home
   the same time.
Caller ID
Call Waiting
Call Blocking
Enhanced Voicemail You can have your messages sent to your email.
Softphone Download a phone into your laptop and take with you. (High speed
   internet connection required)
Three-Way Calling
Unlimited Anytime Local & Long Distance Calls - Anywhere in the USA and
E911 (see terms and conditions for details)
IP Fax Receive your faxes in your email.

Other ala carte services are available such as additional phone numbers, alternate phone numbers, fax lines, 800 numbers, and many more...

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