Do I need any additional equipment to receive Basic or Basic Plus Service?
No additional equipment is required to receive Tuscany Cable's Basic or Basic Plus video service. However an additional analog converter will be required to order premium channels like HBO and Showtime as well as Pay-Per-View events.

 What are the benefits of cable service compared to satellite service?
Tuscany Cable offers free service calls for cable-related problems. You do not have to purchase any equipment or sign any contracts requiring a long term commitment. With Tuscany Cable local channels do not cost extra and there is no ugly dish installed on your home.

 Do I need to have the wiring in my home replaced to receive Tuscany Cable service?
In most cases, Tuscany Cable, Digital Cable, and High Definition services will work over existing cable lines in your home.

 What is Digital Cable?
Digital Cable is a new way to carry a television signal to your home. Digital technology enables Tuscany Cable to "compress" its signals, thereby offering many more channels than possible with analog. All that is needed is a converter box which will be provided to you.

 Do I have to buy a Digital TV to receive Digital Cable?
With Tuscany Cable Digital Cable you receive a digital converter box that modifies the incoming digital signal so that it can be viewed with your current TV.

 Do I need a separate digital converter for each outlet?
Only the outlets you choose to have the digital service will require a digital converter. The digital converter is needed for Tuscany Cable Digital Cable Service and to view any premium or pay per view channels offered. Additional charges will apply for additional digital converters.

 What are "Digital Music" channels?
Digital Music offers a collection of 45 commercial-free, CD-quality music stations programmed by category - from 70's Rock to Jazz. From Classical to Country. It's all there. And, best of all, the digital cable receiver is specifically designed to hook up to your stereo or stereo TV.

 What is TV Guide Interactive?
TV Guide Interactive lets you quickly and easily find the programs you want to watch...any time you want. You decide what listings display and, at your convenience, TV Guide Interactive takes you there. TV Guide Interactive gives detailed descriptions of programs, restrict access to programs, and plan your viewing four days in advance.

 How can I monitor what is being watched?
The parental control feature allows you to restrict the viewing of Pay-Per-View programs, as well as certain program titles and channels. Once restricted, a program can be viewed only by entering the parental control code.

 I already have Tuscany Cable service, how do I upgrade to Digital or HD service?
To upgrade to Digital Cable simply call the Customer Care number for your service area and a representative will assist you.

 How do I subscribe to Tuscany Cable Video Service?
To order Tuscany Cable Service simply call the Customer Care number for your service area and a representative will assist you.

 What is HDTV?
HDTV stands for "High Definition Television". HDTV is a class of digital television that provides very high resolution combined with Dolby digital surround sound. The higher resolution provides a crisp picture and displays up to ten times more image detail than standard TV. HDTV screens are wider than they are tall, providing a panoramic view, similar to a movie screen. This allows you to see movies as they were filmed without reformatting.

 What do I need to get HDTV?
You will need an HD-Ready or HD-Capable television set, an HD Converter (leased through Tuscany Cable), and component video (RGB) cables and audio cables.

 Are there additional fees for Tuscany Cable High Definition Service?
There are additional monthly fees to receive High Definition service. These fees include the lease of an HD Converter.

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