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We have been managing properties in the Las Vegas area for 4 years and currently have approximately 35 million dollars in properties under contract.

Our managers have a unique background with a combined 60 plus years in law enforcement.



Never again worry about compliance with Nevada Landlord Tenant Laws, Information Disclosure, ADA requirements, Owner Privacy.
Call us today and find out what other landlords are renting their property for.
One phone call and we can begin the process that could free you from the burden of managing your own property.

General Property Management

Why Property Management? Vacancies Tenant Issues HOA Complaints Evictions
All of these issues can be minimized or eliminated with the proper management of your property. Wouldn’t it be less stressful knowing that your investment is being managed in a professional manner freeing you to enjoy your most precious resource, your time?

Most vacancies are the result of improper rent pricing and/or inadequate advertising. We do market analysis on all new properties to identify a rent range of similar homes. We then share that information with you so that we can work together to identify a rent range that will be attractive to potential tenants.

Dealing with tenants can be the most challenging aspect of managing a property. All of our tenants are required to submit applications which are screened for credit, rental and criminal history as well as verification of employment. We have found this to be the most effective deterrent to tenant problems in the future. We correspond directly with your HOA to address any issues that arise at your property and attend HOA hearings on your behalf as needed. We can handle all aspects of property recovery, from legal notices and court filings through completion of the lockout process.


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