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Welcome to the Power Broker Center Demo Version 1.7

The Power Broker Center is a sophisticated, fully customizable leads generation system, and support Website for Real Estate Brokers.
Main Functions & Purpose Main Features & Modules
  • Streamline the Broker's work load

  • Generate Leads and qualified prospective buyers

  • Simplify Client presentations

  • Support Agents to establish and close the sale

  • Managing the work-flow for Brokers

  • Simplifies and improves the sales procedure

  • Secure database control for Broker

  • Powerful Administration Back-end

  • Interactive pages for Incentives - Benefits - Tracking

  • Broker support for the Agents with a variety of modules

  • Mass-mailer to Agents and/or Clients

  • Download tools section for all Agents

  • Loan Calculator - Check monthly payment within seconds

  • Database content export for Broker and Agents

Sample Text  Header for Agents
By creating an account with the Power Broker Center, you are provided with your own Client database section, you receive easy access to images, PDFs and other published contents like virtual presentation movies, PowerPoint demos and renderings. You can invite and register your Clients online using your own Web site, you can track your commission installments, and you can download resources published by the broker directly into your tools section. After your account is activated by the Broker, you can place  an image Web link on your Web site, going directly to the Client registration section of the Power Broker Center, this registered prospective buyer is automatically placed under your own Client List (Leads Table).

All these and many more features will make it easy to efficiently present and close the sale of the property.
You have an integrated client management section with an interactive email notification feature that allows you to send Newsletters with published attachments to all your Clients at once, or only to a selected list of Clients.

Please Note
We are currently offering 3% commission to all brokers licensed in Nevada, and a 3% referral payment to all out-of-state brokers.

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