Travel Charger Case · PCC

A very convenient, sturdy, portable charger case (PCC) to charge your battery on-the-fly.

No plugin for the Traveller Charger Case unit required for multiple battery charges.

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Charge the case and go, it will hold enough power to charge you e-cig up to four times.

A portable charger unit that holds any of our batteries, 2 cartomizers, a connected USB charger, and the internal battery.

Charge this portable Traveller Case using a laptop USB port or any computer USB port, or charge with our car or wall adaper.

This Traveller Charger Case does not come filled with products.



NOTE: This carrying case is also sold filled, as "Traveler Starter Kit", which comes complete with a strong 110mm battery and 2 cartomizers.

Traveller Charger Case, portable charger case unit.



How-to guide

Push the small button aside the LED (light) 1 time to see the current charge of the Traveller case battery.

To charge the battery screw it in the socket, then push the same button for several seconds until the LED starts blinking. The LED will go out after a while to save battery power while the Traveler case is charging the battery.