Quick e-Cig Starter Kit (rechargeable)

Quick e-Cig Starter Kit (rechargeable)


Battery & Charger Combo

The "Combo" battery contains a strong 74mm rechargeable e-cig battery with blue LED, a single short USB charger, and a starter cartomizer in Tobacco 24mg.

Battery life time: up to 180 charges

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Battery:  1  (rechargeable)

Recharges: up to 180 times

Cartomizer: 1

Charger USB: 1

Cases: 1 (feltbag)


The Quick e-Cig Starter Kit is perfect for those who aren't sure about electronic cigarettes but are willing to give them a shot.
The commitment is minimal, and you can try a real e-cig, not some throwaway one-time only cheapo made device.
The quick e-cig battery is rechargeable, so when you do decide that there might be something to this e-smoking craze, all you need are fresh cartomizers to continue enjoying your MicroSmoke!