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MicroSmoke Review ALEX E., NEW YORK, NV 10014 ALEX E., NEW YORK, NV 10014
"Awesome “No-drip” friendly 2 piece electronic cigarette. Tastes like the real thing, using the 24mg nicotine level really boosts up the experience. Microsmoke has the lowest prices we found on the Web, that really puts them at the top. Top quality too, the batteries are more reliable than other's I've tried."


MicroSmoke Review NATALIE M., FRASER MI 48026 NATALIE M., FRASER MI 48026
"Sure tastes great, chocolate and cherry flavor are my fav's. Within the past 2 weeks I cut down on the nicotine too, no changes in taste :). I'm not smoking around my kids now. I'm really proud of that."


MicroSmoke Review DORIS F., LAS VEGAS, NV 89119 DORIS F., LAS VEGAS, NV 89119
"The good: No smelly me, no more yellow teeth, no more smoking huddled out in the cold like a hobo...
The bad:  Nothing really. I got some extra batteries and the car charger and solved my own problem!
The ugly:  The government smells the money, they already try to get control. Why can't they just leave us alone? I don't care about their politics, I'm just glad I have a smoking alternative that finally works for me. If they mess it all up and I have to go back to smoking then I think everyone who gets cancer should sue them!"


MicroSmoke Review CHRIS D., HENDERSON, NV 89014 CHRIS D., HENDERSON, NV 89014
"I read many reviews from different companies, trying to decide who to try first. Greensmoke = no good for me, they sell the 'closed' e-cigs, I had to suck on them really hard and barely got any smoke or taste out of it. VaporKing sells the 3 part e-cigs, they are really hard to use, drip, and actually taste aweful. This Microsmoke company was the easiest for me to understand, had lowest prices and always ships fast. Plus I refered a couple of my poor old stone age smoking friends and got my smokes for free this week, how cool is that?!!"


MicroSmoke Review HELMUT E., PHOENIX, AX 89024 HELMUT E., PHOENIX, AZ 85001
"This is amazing. I've tried several different companies but wasn't happy. Messing with the atomizers sucked, I always felt kinda dumb doing that at work. Then I tried Microsmoke. Their cigs come in just 2 parts, and that was so much easier then the 3 piece ones. I got the C`amel flavor, and it tasted just like the real thing! My friends are so jeolous, I'll have to show them my secret and earn some credits."


"This Micro Smoke charger is cool, no screwing the battery in, just fits perfectly, charged the whole thing up fast. I couldn't believe it first, but those batteries last 5 days, 2 full cartridges. Micro Smoke has the universal 2-part smokes too, if you really wanted to you could go somewhere else, you aren't held hostage to their custom smokes like some companies I've heard - Green Smoke and White Smoke and Smoking every where. My sister bought from Greensmoke and now she likes mine, but the parts don't fit together. So now I get to be the smart 1, ha!"


MicroSmoke Review BJAY C., LAUGHLIN, NV 89029 BJAY C., LAUGHLIN, NV 89029
"As an accountant I've calculated my savings, turns out it costs 45 cents per day smoking an equivalent to 1 pack of cigs for $5.89 a pack. I'll have enough saved up for a vacation this year without tightening my belt any more than I already have in this #$%$ economy. Thank You Microsmoke."


MicroSmoke Review CODY F., BURBANK, CA 91506 CODY F., BURBANK, CA 91506
"After the gum and patch failed to cut the habit, I came across one of the microsmoke 5% off flyers. It takes a little getting used to, I couldn't instantly switch over to be a micro-SMOKER, so I took it step by step. Now I'm down to 1 real pack per 2 weeks! the rest is microsmoke. Gradually working for me. Thanks guys, finally a great product out there!"


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