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Our e-products produce the highest "smoke" volume in the industry. We provide a selection of high-quality 2-part electronic cigarettes with all accessories, further e-cigars, and e-pipes. Our two part electric cigarette gives you a true and rich smoking experience using high-volume vapor, great taste, and even the temperature from a drag is correct. With each exhale you will see and feel the "smoke" cloud. With a variety of flavors and nicotine levels, MicroSmoke electronic cigarettes offer unmatched convenience and performance for vapor smokers.

10 Good Reasons why to buy from us

1. We are a well estabished company and very familiar with all products in the industry.
2. We have excellent feedback and customer service records
3. Our Client Retention Ratio is 98.9% (since 2009).
4. Fast shipping, low shipping rates.
5. We create the best shopping experience for you.
6. We constantly provide you with the newest technology in electronic smoking!
7. We double-check every product after it's been tested before shipping it to you.
8. Our e-products produce the highest "smoke" volume in the industry.
9. We respond quickly to all your requests, and always solve them to your satisfaction.
10. We only use first class materials and high-end quality, at highly competitive pricing.



We constantly provide you with the newest in e-smoking!

Currently the high-tech two-part Electronic Cigarette is the newest on the market. With our revolutionary 2-part e-cig system, all you have to do is unscrew the used cartridge, discard, and replace with a new one. It's that simple!


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MicroSmoke People Review HELMUT E., PHOENIX, AZ 85011
"This is amazing. I've tried several different companies but wasn't happy. Messing with the atomizers sucked, I always felt kinda dumb doing that at work. Then I tried Microsmoke....