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How You Save Money
Every day you spend time standing in line at the grocery, or waiting on the phone to make reservations. The average person wastes about 5 1/2 hours every week. That's more than 22 hours every month!

Saving you money is simple for us: Just Ask! provides you with the best places and the best prices. We provide you with all available discounts, we know the largest selections, and we have years of experience in utilizing the best saving methods for any requested service.

Sign up here to watch your savings pile up. You get unlimited service requests. There are no booking fees.

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Testimonials - Clients
Saving Money

Just Ask has been so helpful they take care of my to do list and last month saved me over $100. I never had enough time to get everything done let alone have any time to myself.

Today I just finished a book I have been trying to read for over a year.

Thanks Just Ask

Author: Chistina P.

I am always working long hours and everything is closed by the time I am able to get to it.

It has been so nice to have Just Ask to take care of my personal tasks. They even saved me over $223 last month.

Thanks Just Ask

Author: Bryan F.
New York

As a collage student I am so busy running to classes and studying for my finals. Working a full time job to help pay for school my grades started to suffer.

I am so glad I found Just Ask they help me get everything done and last month saved me over $50 as a student every little bit counts.

Thanks Just Ask

Author: Amy M.

My parents are getting older and I am always worried about them. Hoping they were able to pick up there Medication get a ride to the grocery store or come to visit.

My parents are not very technical so having 1 phone number for them to call has been great. They call Just Ask and you guys take care of everything and they told me they saved over $330 last month.

Thanks Just Ask

Author: Paul G.

We just sent our daughter off to school this year and stay up nights worrying weather she has enough money or got home safe.

Now I know she has one phone number to call and with your service we were able to leave our credit card on file so she can use it for necessities.

Thanks for a good night sleep Just Ask.

Author: Samantha & Jeff.

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