Mystery Shopping - Medical Mystery Shopper
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Mystery Shopping - Medical Mystery Shopper

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~Diagnosing Your Practice For Success

Does your practice need a checkup?

Is your practice attracting and retaining all the patients you need to have a thriving practice?

What do your patients think of your practice? Would you like to know?

Then it’s time to Examine Your Practice!

Through the use of secret shopper or “mystery patients”, Examine Your Practice will provide you with a comprehensive report of 9 visits to your practice over the course of a year. We recommend 6 the first quarter and one per quarter thereafter. They will evaluate everything from the atmosphere of your office to the customer service provided to your patients.
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For many years, the multi-billion dollar retail industry has recognized the importance of evaluating customer service through mystery shoppers to ensure that they are providing the best service possible to its customers.

So, why should the medical and healthcare industry be any different?  Well, until now, there were only a handful of medical and healthcare offices that were progressive enough to see this need to evaluate their customer service.  But with the increased competition in this area, it has now become a necessity to do so.

You know the importance of providing excellent customer service to ensure patient loyalty and to grow your business.   Unfortunately, you can't objectively observe your practice as you manage it.  That's where Examine Your Practice can help you be on the cutting edge and have your practice stand out amongst your competition.

Remember, it’s your name on the sign---your reputation on the line. Examine Your Practice today and Diagnose your Practice for Success!

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